Already Napoleon found his way to Auerstedt

In the small Thuringian village of Auerstedt, there has been a large willow palace for more than twenty years. This willow palace, as well as its woods and meadows around it, will host us in August.

We are curious to see how warm the late summer will be. Since we will be doing everything outdoors, you might want to pack one more pair of yoga pants ­čśë

We will camp on the meadow, workshops will be held in big circus tents, safe from rain and sun. You can also arrive the night before and leave the morning after your ticket.

How to get there you can read here.

For the navigation system just enter “Am Auerworldpalast Auerstedt”.

To travel together, you can use the Auerworld Festival carpool exchange.

on foot

If you can bring a little more time, it is also worth a hike to the festival. If you have a tent with you anyway, you can also hike through the picturesque landscape. If you follow the bike paths (see below), you won’t get lost. These lead through many historical places, in the footsteps of Napoleon or Goethe, as well as through scenic vineyards and river valleys.

At OpenRouteService you can search for a nice route.

with the thumb

You’ve always wanted to try hitchhiking but haven’t dared or had the chance yet? Since hitchhiking is probably the best way to get to the festival, we have collected some info and tricks here, because hitchhiking not only saves money and is good for the environment, but you also meet a lot of nice people and often very interesting conversations arise!

If hitchhiking is too boring or dangerous for you, ask your friends. Because hitchhiking is even more fun in pairs (or even more)!
To feel safe and comfortable hitchhiking, you should only ever join people who make you feel comfortable. Listen to your stream feeling and if in doubt wait a little longer for a suitable car!
You can find a lot more information on the Hitchwiki. To find a suitable place to start, you can look at the map of Hitchwiki. There you can find good locations in many cities and descriptions of how to get there from big cities. When choosing a place where you can easily stop cars, it is best to choose a parking lot or hard shoulder where cars can stop easily so as not to block traffic, and a straight stretch of road so that you can be seen from a distance.
If you are on the highway, it is very useful to get off at rest stops and either stand near the on-ramp or ask people directly if they are going in the right direction and have room and desire to give you a ride. A sign can help, but it doesn’t have to. Just try out what works best for you!
For a nice overview of the German Autobahn network and rest stops, check out the Autobahn Atlas.

From the south you can hitchhike very well over the exit “Apolda” (50) of the A4 on the B87 direction Mellingen/Apolda to Reisdorf, then still along the country road a village to the east.
From the north and east it is not so easy, but you can do it:
A9 exit Naumburg, over the B180 to Naumburg, there over the B87 at Reisdorf let throw out and walk again over the country road a village to the east.

If you are curious and want to hitchhike to the festival, we are very happy, because we want to try to make the journey of the festival guests as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible!

by bike

Auerstedt is in the fortunate position that several longer and beautiful bike paths
go directly through the village or pass nearby.

From the spa park Bad Sulza to Auerstedt, the 3km short and well signposted Emsenbach cycle path leads along the Emsenbach. Past the wetland biotope Emsteich, 100m through Saxony-Anhalt, it goes past the vineyards to Auerstedt.


Bad Sulza is located directly on the most popular cycle path in Thuringia, the Ilmtal Cycle Path, which has been awarded the “ADFC Quality Route”.
Over a distance of 123km it leads from the source of the Ilm in the Thuringian Forest to its mouth in the Saale. From the Rennsteig near Allzunah via Ilmenau, Weimar, past Apolda to Bad Sulza and Gro├čheringen.
In Bad Sulza you have to turn left at the graduation house onto the Emsenbach cycle path.


If you want to come cycling from Halle, Jena, Rudolstadt or Hof, the Saale Cycle Path is your way.
Romantic castles, nature and wine: The 403km long Saale Cycle Path is one of the most charming and varied river cycle paths in Germany. From the source of the Saale in the Fichtelgebirge mountains via Jena and Naumburg to Barby on the Elbe, you will discover the romantic and idyllic valley of the Saale.
At Kleinheringen you have to turn off in the direction of Bad Sulza and then follow the Emsenbach cycle path to Auerstedt.

On the way back to Halle, you can also take the Goethe Cycle Path. It leads through many of Goethe’s cities. Past Bad Bibra, M├╝cheln and the largest lake in Central Germany, the Geiseltalsee, as well as through the Goethe town of Bad Lauchst├Ądt.

From Jena there is also a second possibility. You can follow Napoleon’s footsteps to Auerstedt via Apolda, on the Napoleon Cycle Route 1806.
Peppered with numerous commemorative stones, monuments and other sights, it connects memorials Jena-Cospeda, Hassenhausen, Kapellendorf and Auerstedt, which commemorate the battle of 1806.


If you want to cycle from Leipzig, you should take the Elster cycle path to the Salzstra├čen cycle path. This leads you along the old trade road to Merseburg. There you follow the Saale cycle path to Kleinheringen. Turn right to Bad Sulza and follow the Emsenbach cycle path to Auerstedt.

At OpenRouteService you can calculate a nice route.

by train

Auerstedt has its own train station, but since the new timetable in December 2017, there are no passenger trains running on the line as scheduled. We are in communication with the ‘Pfefferminzbahn’ and will inform you when it will run again during the festival.

From the direction of Berlin / Leipzig / Halle and Munich / Erfurt you can get off in Bad Sulza. From there, the 4.3km short Emsenbach cycle path will take you through the spa gardens and past vineyards directly to Auerstedt.

by car

If it is not possible for you to travel by bike or train, we ask you to form carpools. Our carpooling agency and platforms like are suitable for this.

From the direction of Erfurt, you can reach the site very easily via the A4 motorway, exit “Mellingen”. Follow the B87 north until you reach Reisdorf on the right. Pass through there and you are already in Auerstedt.

If you are coming from Leipzig, the exit “Naumburg” is your best choice. Follow the B180 to Naumburg, then continue on the B87. After Eckartsberga turn left to Reisdorf, the next village is Auerstedt.

From Halle, it is best to drive via Neustadt on the A143, A38 to Merseburg-S├╝d. Then drive past the vineyards and Freyburg to Eckartsberga. Behind it is Reisdorf and Auerstedt.

At OpenRouteService you can find a nice route.

If you still have room in the car, please post it in the Auerworld Festival carpool exchange.