This year, of course, there will again be a diverse programme. The focus of the festival is always on acroyoga and acrobatics of all kinds. It is important to us to cater for all levels of difficulty and to pick up beginners as well as full-time acrobats in equal measure.

Of course, many other passions are also very welcome. For example, there will be plenty of room for aerial acrobatics, juggling, fire juggling, slackline, hula hoop dance, yoga and many other great activities. We are open to further suggestions.

Besides fixed slots with our many teachers, there will also be an open space where you can offer workshops or other activities.

Should the weather not be as nice as ordered, we have many large circus tents and sails for the workshop areas.

Supporting Programme

Of course, there will also be a very special social programme. Besides sauna, campfire, singing and music circles to relax, there will also be a fire space, concerts, a gala show and other nice surprises so that every day and every evening will be remembered!

Supporting Programme

Natürlich wird es auch wieder ein ganz besonderes Rahmen- programm geben. Neben Sauna, Lagerfeuer, Sing- und Musizierkreisen zum entspannen wird es auch eine Firespace, Konzerte, eine Gala-Show und andere schöne Überraschungen geben sodass euch jeder Tag und jeder Abend in Erinnerung bleiben wird!